Möbiusring shawl

Well, this was some new experience!
I created this möbiusring shawl, and during the knitting te cord of my circulair needle broke… Aaarrchhh!
But all well, new needle in place and luckily I was able to pick up all stiches!

Let me say, I think this project was special, the möbiusring, for those who don’t know it, has no up or down, no beginning no end. It reminds me of Escher’s relativity art (1953). Not knowing which step is going up or down.

But, back to my work: I finish the shawl and give it a nice touch I crochet a border on one side and made a flower with 8 pedals (I know it should always be uneven but my lucky number is eight)

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts! If you look closely you can see the crochet border – but I didn’t block the shawl. It ended up being pretty long- way longer then I expected, it goes four times around my neck!

Moebius ring cowl Moebius ring cowl Moebius ring cowl

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